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Application Timeline for graduate program

| Application Timeline of International Student (Graduate Program)

Note: The above timeline only shows the time frames of applications made through the Office of Academic Affairs. International Student of graduate program applications are open in July and February each year. For detail information please check below.

Application Calendar for 2025 Spring Semester

Date Schedule Detail
Jul. 15, 2024

The system opens for the 2024 Fall semester


Jul. 15, 2024


Sep. 6, 2024

(end at 12 noon)

Online application period.

  1. Please upload the required documents online and pay the application fee.
  2. Application fee: Degree student: USD 30 for each department. Dual Degree student: free of charge.

Nov.04, 2024


1st stage admission result announcement.

This is a preliminary result regarding NTUST scholarships. For those who have been awarded a full scholarship, the final result has already been confirmed. For those who have been awarded a partial scholarship, a tuition fee waiver scholarship, or no scholarship at all, this result might be upgraded if other scholarship recipients decline the offer of admission. The resulting scholarship vacancies will be filled in sequence by students ranked lower than the vacancy on the admissions list.

Nov. 04, 2024


Nov. 12, 2024

(end at 12 noon)

Online intention reply for enrollment.

Failure to reply within the deadline will be regarded as voluntarily giving up admission


Nov. 29, 2024


NTUST scholarship confirmation and delivery of admission letter.

Your scholarship may be upgraded according to the reply of the 1st stage admission result.


Jan. 20, 2025

Deadline for health report online submission

  1. All new students are required to pass the health check before registering at Taiwan Tech.
  2. The dormitory will not be provided if one fails to pass the health check.



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