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Directions to NTUST

Directions to NTUST



  • CKS Airport to Taipei

    There are several bus routes to choose from and operate between CKS Airport and Taipei City including downtown Taipei. You may select the bus which stops at Taipei Railway Station.

    (1) Airport Buses
    Buses leave every 10 to 30 minutes from Terminal One. Those entering the Arrival Area after leaving Custom, can proceed to the left side of the Hall to purchase bus tickets and board buses. A one way ticket costs around NT$125. The trip usually takes about an hour.
    (2) Airport Taxi
    A 50% surcharge is allowed over the fare shown on the taxi meter for journeys from CKS Airport. The average fare (plus surcharge) to Taipei is about NT$1,100-1,400.

  • Taipei Railway Station to NTUST
    Taxis are the most convenient way to get around in Taipei. The average fare from Taipei Railway Station to NTUST is within NT$150-200. However, very few drivers speak English, so always have your destination written down in Chinese or show this map guide to the driver to indicate where you are heading before starting out. Most yellow taxis can be flagged down along main streets. Receipts are available upon request. Tipping is not necessary.

image(Please take me to NTUST, 43 Sec. 4 Keelung Rd. Taipei. )

(2) MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)
Just hop on the Xindian (green) Line and get off at MRT Gongguan station - a 10 minutes walk to NTUST. Leave exit 2 and turn left, staying on the main road (Roosevelt Road) and heading for the intersection of Roosevlet and Keelung road.(with a circle). Turn left to Keelung Road and walk about 300-500 meters to the main Entrance of NTUST.