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Application & Admission


Q1-1. How do I apply?

A: Please check the guideline instruction.


Q1-2. When can I apply?



Spring  Semester

Fall  Semester

Admission Guide Announcement

August 1

February 1

 Application Period    

 August 1 ~ October 31

February 1 ~March 31

Application Documents must be received by Section of Graduate Studies (graduate program) or Section of the Registrar (undergraduate program) before:

  Please refer to Guidelines.

  Please refer to Guidelines.
















Late or incomplete application after deadline will be regarded as giving up.

Q1-3. What is the require documents?


Required documents:

  1. One completed application form
  2. Declaration
  3. Authorization
  4. Two letters of recommendation signed by the issuers
  5. The plan of study
  6. One official photocopy of the highest diploma and its English translation  (The official photocopies must bear the original seal/stamp of the issuing institution. Photocopy of diploma without original seal is not accepted for further processingFinal year student who will graduate in this semester may submit certificate of study (enrollment) issued by current university in advance. However, official diploma and authenticated photocopy must be submitted upon registration.
  7. One ORIGINAL transcript of academic records in English  (should bear the official seal of the school attended. If the official academic records are not in English, an English translation, together with the original, is acceptable)
  8. Certificate of English proficiency test
  • Above application documents must be delivered to the Section of Graduate Studies (graduate program) or Section of the Registrar (undergraduate program) by FEDEX or DHL service or in person before application deadline.
  • Late or incomplete application after deadline will be regarded as giving up.
  • All personal data of uncompleted or overdue applicants will be destroyed. Your application documents will not be returned.



Q1-4. How will I know if my application documents have been delivered by NTUST?

 A: You can check the delivering status by logging in your account at NTUST application system.


Q1-5. After I have input my personal information and clicked "submit" button on application system, can I amend the information entered in the system?

A: Once you click "submit" button on line, the system will stop the data entry function. Should you have any further amendments to your application, please notify the related units via email.


Q1-6. When will the application result be announced? How can I check my application result?

A: In general, the admission list will be announced around one month after application deadline on NTUST admission webpage. Besides, NTUST will send the admission notice and related documents to accepted students or rejection notice to denied applicants both by email and postal mail.


Q1-7. Am I qualified for international student?

 A: Please read the article 5 "qualification" of NTUST international student admission guideline at our website. Each applicant should read the definition very carefully.  Applicant who violate the condtions of qualification will result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission or the deprivation of the applicant’s recognized status as NTUST registered student, or revocation of applicant’s NTUST diploma.  No academic certificate will be given.


 Application Result Release


Q2-1 .What do I have to do if I am an accepted student of NTUST?

A: If you are offered admission, we will send you the admission letters and important notice by e-mail and post mail. Please read the important notice and follow the instructions very carefully. To inform NTUST your intention to study, please select the intention to enroll via our on line application system by designated deadline.


Q2-2. I have submitted the reply form on time. Can I check whether my reply selection has been received by NTUST?

A: You may check your intention status by log in NTUST admission website with your email and password.


Q2-3. When will I get the information for registration, academic calendar and course selection?

A: The registration guideline, academic calendar and related regulations will be posted on "New student information" of NTUST admission website prior to beginning of each semester.


Q2-4. When should I process my visa application and documents authentication procedures?

A: After receiving admission notice from NTUST,  you can start to process the visa application and authenticate the enrollment documents including diploma, transcript, insurance certificate and financial statement as soon as possible.

For details of visa and authenticated procedures, please contact overseas Taiwan government agency or embassy located in your country. You are advised to process the authentication as early as possible. Normally, it takes form several weeks to 2 months for the whole procedures.  All the documents must be submitted upon your arrival for registration in NTUST.

If student fails to submit any one of the above documents upon checking in NTUST, no registration will be process.

The student should bear his own risk for delaying registration and ARC overdue penalty. 


Q2-5. I have confronted visa dilemma or other personal problems. Can I defer my admission to next semester or next academic year?

A:  Yes, you can defer your admission to next semester for one time. 

Q2-6. I am a deferred student.  When can I receive the new admission notice?

A: The new admission notice for deferred students will be sent together with the other new recipients for the next semester.   Their names will also be put in the admission list for the next semester. 


 Admission documentation submission


Q3-1. When is the deadline of submitting original diploma and authenticated documents?

A: The original diploma, original authenticated documents including diploma, transcript, and insurance certificate could be submitted upon your arrival in NTUST.


Q3-2. Do we have to bring all the authenticated documents when arriving in or send them first by email / mail?

A: The original diploma, the 4 authenticated documents (by an Taiwan overseas Embassy or Mission) including English version of diploma, transcript, financial statement, and the certificate of medical and accidental insurance must be submitted in person upon reporting to NTUST around mid-September (fall semester) or mid-February (spring semester).

However, please check academic calendar at our website for the exact dates of classes beginning date for individual semester.

Q3-3. How to submit my health certificate?

A:  Health Certificate within the past 3 months should be uploaded to NTUST application system before designated deadline.


Q3-4. What is the deadline for submitting the health certificate?

A:   Health Certificate from an accredited hospital should be uploaded before August 20 (fall semester) or January 20 (spring semester); otherwise, the dormitory will not be arranged.


Q3-5. How much money should I prepare for general expense? 

Expense  (in NTD)


Airline ticket

 please refer to airline company


NT$200/per day--> NT$36000/per semester (estimateed)

On- campus Dormitory

 NT$6500~7000/per semester (excluding winter and  summer vacation)


Student Insurance NT$220

National Health Insurance NT$4494 

 Q3-6. When should I arrive? 

The registration guildline will be sent to you by email. Please check the latest calendar at

You are suggested arrival three days before the class starting date.


 For department transfer

Q4-1. How can I apply for department transfer?

The regulation for graduate institute transfer.

The application form.